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Want to get more likes or comments in your facebook postings?  4liker APK is the solution. This is an android app that allows one to get more likes and comments on your Facebook posting. It is quite easy task to get more than 600 likes in your facebook comment with the help of the automatic link 4liker. 4liker apk is for sure the best FB Tools Auto Liker in the market that uses certain procedures to generate likes in facebook comments, pictures, and pages. 

Features of 4liker APK

Below are the general features of 4liker apk

  • Generates automatic comments.
  • One targets the posts manually in which one to increase the likes.
  • It is easy to use as compared to similar APK
  • normally a free APK; that is anybody is capable to access provided has an Android gadget. 
  • Small-sized APK.

Download 4liker APK Latest Version

Download 4liker APK

How to Download and Install 4liker APK

To get the free APK app in your device you have to download it through a link.

Once 4liker is downloaded then continue by installing it in your device.

When the installation is complete you can open it and use it as desired.

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How to use 4liker APK

To use 4liker APK, you have to select a post which you want to gain more likes on facebook.

Select the link of the particular post and copy it in 4liker.

Proceed by selecting the number of likes you would want and tap continues.

Give an allowance of 3-5minutes for the app to process.

4liker gives you the notification in your facebook account once the likes come in.

You may click to your notifications and see the like.

Things to consider before downloading 4liker APK

You have to know that social media is very risky and prone to scams, therefore, one should take caution and measures to prevent social media intruders from hacking your account.

  1. Don’t use your liker app while still in your social facebook account. This is because hackers require tokens to access your password which is the same as the social account.
  2. Continuous use of Automatic liker apps may negatively affect your Facebook account by blocking it permanently.

What are the advantages of using This APK?

It is easy to earn money online through a referral link, which is able to share online with the friends and once the link is clicked the friend buys the products and the link owner gets a commission from the purchase. 

  • The social account member also gains popularity.
  • One is able to customize the app and decide the number of likes preferred.
  • There is no spamming.

Generally, there many automatic liker Apk folders that have been developed to help social accounts holders to boost their likes. They are 7liker, Dj liker, and Apental Calc Auto Comment.

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