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Appvn Apk

The Appvn Apk is a well-defined app store that presents you with lots of a  huge range of amazing applications you have ever seen and that to paid applications, This apk is somewhat similar to the acmarket apk but with some differences. Many of us pay lots of money to get games or apps on the play store but with this application, on you can get any paid app or any paid game for free like gta sanadreas(may not work for some devices), GTA Five, hitman, Amazing Spiderman 2 etc. There are many games available other than these and the latest versions of the apps and the previous series or versions of games are also available almost everything is available in this appvn apk 2018 version. Coming to the download this apk is currently unavailable on the google play store but you can download it here safely by clicking the below button.

Download Appvn Apk 2018 on Android 

Appvn Apk

Alright, that was about the appvn apk 2018 and now before downloading let us know some of the features of this apk,

Features Of Appvn Apk 2019

  • The very first feature in my list is the games available in this apk are pre hacked so that you don’t need to do all the procedures like getting root access or extracting etc and all you need to do is just install the games and start playing the games right away without any issues.
  • One more interesting feature of this appvn apk 2018 version is you will get all the premium apps for free on Android and iPhone instantly moreover the appvn pro keeps you updated all the time in the app store for any new releases.
  • There are so many apps with different configurations with different features are available on this app store and it is also available in other languages rather than English.
  • The design of this app store is very simple, neat UI and it consumes very less battery and the most interesting feature or very useful is the app store is divided into sections like if you want games then you can click on the games icon, if you want music then it will have a separate compartment, top new, to downloaded etc as it has many different section divided it helps user very much as user can simply go to that compartment which he want with this it saves his time and effort.
  • Lastly, it has no in-app purchases as it gives all the premium apps for free of cost.

Those were the features of appvn apk 2018, now if we get deep into the topic, The specialty of the appvn apk is it consumes very less battery other than that it also acquires very less memory of your storage. The apk is compatible with Windows operating systems, Mac ios and Android where you can get access to more than 1000 apps and games etc and if you want any game hack make sure to check game hacks apk.

How To Install Appvn Apk 2019 On Android

First Of all download the appvn apk from the above-given link on your android smartphone and sometimes there may be a chance that you block the unknown sources which eventually your system don’t allow to install but don’t worry you can do this by the following steps.

  1. Go to “Settings”>”security”>”unknown sources”> allow third party installs and done.
  2. Then open the downloaded apk from file explorer or anywhere it is present and click on install
  3. Wait until it gets installed and boom it will successfully get installed on your smartphone and now you can your favorite applications.

After downloading it will be in russian language but if you want in english then just follow the images below you will get idea about how to set the language in english 


appvn apk 2018appvn apk 2018appvn apk 2018 appvn apk 2018

The final word or review of this appvn apk is if you want to download the premium games for free or if you want free premium apps then this apk is a must because it has more than 1000 apps available for free also with no in-app purchases. The biggest advantage is it is available on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac etc so that you can download it where ever you want and if you still don’t understand the installation process or download process then follow the video link that I have provided 

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