ClickerHeroes 2

ClickerHeroes 2

The ClickerHeroes 2 is next version of the famous hit game called Clicker Heroes Unblocked or we can say the sequel of Clicker Heroes 1, Many of us are aware with the fact that the clicker heroes 1 was a big hit as many people liked the gameplay, its ideology etc. So the format of the game in this sequel has somewhat changed but the characters are same. Before this let me give you an idea about this game for those who don’t know what this Clicker Heroes Game is, So In this game, you will be provided with a set of different characters with a different set of Skills and there are 40 heroes in this game with Damage Per Second(DPS) and you hire them using gold by winning the battles against your enemy, so in that way slowly you will level up and hire more characters and increase the DPS.

This game is this simple you just need a mouse and start clicking on the enemies and get gold coins. Isn’t this simple? Even the 3-year-old can handle and enjoy the game and if you don’t understand clearly or play the game then visit this site to play the game follow the below link 

ClickerHeroes Unblocked

And Now let’s Get on to the Clicker Heroes 2, The format here is now your hero is getting down, moving forward fighting with the endless Monsters not like before just simply damage them when they pop up in front of you and In this you can upgrade the hero skills or armor set rather than buying them with gold coins and it enables you to concentrate more on gold collection, Skills, damage etc. Now the game has become much more effective and more focused.

How To Get ClickerHeroes 2 


clickerheroes 2

The ClickerHeroes 2 is in beta stage now but you can get it for 30$, Yes guys this is a paid version and seriously i think for this game that price way too much because you can get many games for 30$ and that too it is in beta stage and If you want then you can get from this link Steam Early Access

There are two things in this clickerheroes 2 which make it feel like an actual aRPG, The first thing is now your character can move forward and attack the monsters every time, the graphics somewhat looks artificial but better. The next thing is you will come across a big skill tree on a fixed path but it lets you recite your very own character to build. There are new planets to unlock new things. And the main reason for this season to change is that the developers noticed that thousands of people are spending thousands of dollars for Whales and that thing is the one which doesn’t liked by the developers 

Alright That was about the game and the gameplay, Now let us jump on to the features of clickerheroes 2 


You can Now move from One Zone to other to defeat monsters and upgrade your character or skills to get to the higher zones and once you increase your damage or you become strong then automatically you will come across more powerful monsters.


clickerheroes 2

You will increase many skills whenever you kill a monster and also helps you to kill them very fast. The clicks include Big Click, Multi-click etc and this skill helps you to get more damage or DPS.


clickerheroes 2

You should move to many number of worlds to defeat many unique monsters to get more gold, damage, and experience as every world has its own specialty, consequences, monsters, and significance 


The automator is customizable so that you can play the game while away and also level up your gear automatically, create massive skills and increase the efficiency.


Hereby I conclude that clickerheroes 2 all about earning gold coin, increasing the experience and killing the powerful monsters with the infinite path, all these things like worlds etc all these seem to be very exciting and undoubtedly I could say this game will be of full fun with all new characters and features, Previously clicker heroes was big hit and I hope this will also get a huge success and if you want to know any other apps then follow our website AndroidappsNest

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