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Whatsapp is for sure one among the most used social networking applications. It is used for business as well as personal purposes. Although, with more than 1 billion users and so much interaction some features of it can’t be tolerated. So, to overcome those and chat with people on WhatsApp more conveniently FMWhatsapp apk has taken a rise

What is Fmwhatsapp?

FmWhatsapp is basically a mod version of WhatsApp which is connected to WhatsApp. One can continue using WhatsApp with just extra beneficial features which makes it complete for the user.

Over the past few years, there have been many mods like Gb Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus, etc. The best of all and most trending these days is fm whatsapp apk.

FmWhatsapp allows you to do all those things which WhatsApp cant. From freezing your last seen to viewing the deleted story, everything can be done with the aid of this amazing application created for the users of today’s world.

It’s like the best update given to WhatsApp with all the features one dreams of.

So, let’s know in detail whether what are the benefits of this application which makes higher and above the original WhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk

Download FM WhatsApp

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Benefits of FmWhatsapp

Freeze Last seen – Many of you out there don’t want to reply to some people or read their text but want to stay online and interact with others. Sometimes it’s your boss, friend or even your better half. But due to the feature of last seen or the feature showing you online, it is difficult to hide and do what you feel like.

FmWhatsapp fulfills this requirement by helping you freeze your last seen at your preferred time. No one would know when you were actually last online.

Get rid of typing status – One can’t even see even when you’re online and typing and no one would know until your text reaches them.

Single tick – Now, one won’t be able to see you online but still their messages will deliver to you and show a double tick and then a blue tick after you read them.

So, to overcome this you can stop the double ticks. yes, that’s right, the message sent by others will show only one tick to them even after you read and they won’t know that their message has been delivered and read.

Story – With Fmwhatsapp one won’t know when you view their story. Apart from this, you can also see the stories of people who have deleted the same without them knowing.

Deleted messages – You can read the messages deleted by your sender without them knowing.

Forwarded – Nowadays when you forward a text or message it comes forward written in italic over it which diminishes the originality of the message. Hence, to out-stand this FmWhatsapp has come up with a feature to disable the same with which it won’t show forward written even after the message is forwarded.


FmWhatsapp is like a generation WhatsApp and the one using this will be one step ahead of their generation. They will get to experience every that feature that one needs on WhatsApp without any hassles. So, go ahead have an experience of the future in your hand.

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