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Fortnite android apk is a very trending and popular game these days with all those amazing game effects and the concept. Basically, fortnite is a video game released in 2017 developed by Epic games featuring different game modes like Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save the world. Fornite battle Royale is a 100 players game where the last person who survives the game till the end wins the match. Fortnite: Save the world is four players fight against Zombies and defend objects by building fortifications. The Fornite Battle Royale is available on Nintendo switch, IOS devices and recently it has been launched for Android smartphones called fortnite android apk, while the Save the World is only available for Xbox one, MacOS, windows, and playstation4. Fortnite Battle Royale is 100 players game that you can play alone or either in squads of duo or four, let me remind you that fortnite is not yet released for Android and it won’t be available in the play store but you can download the game here itself by the link we provide but now it hasn’t released whenever it gets released i will update the link.

Features of Fortnite Battle Royale:

The game starts by a “Battle Bus” air dropping the players across the game’s map without any weapons. After landing you need to search for weapons, resources, at the same time you need to protect yourself and attack the other players. As the increase in time due to the incoming storm the map of safe area shrinks down and players outside the safe area will lose their health or may be killed even they don’t come in the safe area. Fornite also has the feature of collecting resources like wood, steel, and brick by knocking down the existing structures or by killing the opponents. By using those resources you can build walls, floor, windows, doors, and stairs to defend yourself from the other players. The last player or squad who survives till the end wins the game, one important thing to be noted is that the bricks are very useful for defending yourself during the enemy is attacking you and the surprising thing is that now the season 5 has a new release with big changes.

Additional New Features of Fornite Android apk:Battle Royale

  • The new theme has come, the desert theme which looks awesome.
  • The guided missile is of more fun which increases your game performance and adds more power to the game.
  • The new weapons are soon to be released and the
  • Now in season 5, you can ride vehicles called All Terrain car which is basically a golf car and you can drive solo or drive with the whole squad.
  • New challenges have arrived like a road trip challenge and many skins have arrived.

New Changes In Battle Royale


A new location Desert Biome of paradise palms and the multiple gas stations along with giant fake dinosaurs not only this desert we can find some unnamed locations in the island, One more new location is the paradise palms which is basically a residential area consists of modern houses and swimming pools etc.

Lazy Links 

The lazy links are all the new place which is completely a country club consists of all the tennis courts, a pool and golf courts etc.

New Car

Fortnite Android apk
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The new car called ALL Terrain Kart which is basically a golf car is now available to drive which look absolutely cool and you can ride alone or with your whole squad and crucially you can shoot anyone from the car.


The storm is all changed now, Now storm changes its place 9 times during the match, it not only shrinks but shifts to different locations now.

Revamped Battle Pass

Now the battle pass has also changed its configurations, previously you can only access the challenges if you have a battle pass but now you can access to 3 of the 7 challenges even if you don’t have a battle pass


This feature has completely changed the map so what this thing is a small rift will be present in the mid-air if you jump through it you will be present somewhere else in the map and this helps during an escape.

These were the new changes in the and there are many isn’t these cool? let me know in the comments

Features of Fortnite Android apk: Save the world:

Fortnite: Save the world consists of four players fight against zombie-like creatures called “husks”.The main objective of the game is saving survivors on the earth from the storm by collecting resources and equipment to collect the data about the storm or to push back the storm. This mode also has the feature of collecting resources like wood, steel, and brick by knocking down the existing structures to build walls, floor, windows, doors, and stairs to protect yourself from the enemies which are same as the Battle Royale. The fortnite android apk game has very high graphics and custom theme songs and lots of characters, it has many crazy and funny game characters, missions, levels to play. Save the word Game mode in fortnite android apk requires V-bucks to play. The V-bucks can make use in both the game modes to purchase character heroes, Battle pass,etc and also to complete certain objectives during the course of Battle royale season.

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