FRP ByPass APK Latest Version Download (2019 Version)

At times you reset your smartphone because of some issues or to clear all the junk and then you forget your google account details like email or password and then eventually your device gets locked because the device accepts your previous google account details only which you don’t know and Google does this in order to secure from unauthorized access from spam users so that they can’t steal your personal information like bank details, saved cards etc. This option is present in all the devices available now in the market. So in these cases frp bypass apk is used to bypass the google account.

Download FRP Bypass apk

This apk isn’t available on the google play store so you need to download it from any third party trusted site and we provide very safe links without any spam and download speed at a faster rate, Download the latest version from the button below.

Download FRP Bypass Apk

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The bypass can be done in two ways one by downloading this apk on other device and using OTG Cable, PC or the other way is using some keyboard shortcuts that will be known in the below article. Follow the below steps carefully.

How to Bypass Google account (using FRP Bypass Apk) 

  • Initially, you need to download the frp bypass apk from the given link above on your PC or any other Android Smartphone. Then connect the USB OTG to your device, transfer the frp bypass apk to USB OTG so that you can install it on your blocked device. 


  • Then open the device of which you don’t know the account details and complete all the tasks until it asks for google account mail and at this point, you need to connect the OTG to your smartphone that you don’t know previous google account details. After doing this you will get a popup of file explorer which contains FRP Bypass file. As soon as you find the apk install it on your device(the device which is locked)


  • Boom now you have successfully installed FRP Bypass apk on your smartphone and now delete all the personal information, factory reset everything, clear complete data so that you can start from a fresh account.

FRP Bypass On All Samsung Devices

In case if you have a Samsung smartphone and the above option didn’t work then you have an alternative method so that you can bypass it. please follow the instructions carefully. This method works on all Samsung devices 

  • In the first step switch on your device set all those wizards like connecting wifi language selection etc until you come on the account information menu and now as you don’t know the account details you need to bypass it so you have to go to keyboard settings( bottom left on the keypad or tap and hold on @ button) then click on text shortcuts option and click on add shortcut, after that type anything in the shortcut menu and long press it, Then you will get google assist option, click on it.


  • After clicking on google assist you will get on to google browser at that time it will ask to sign in but you just have click on no thanks, then you will get search option, in that you need to search for the present website you are in() to download FRP Bypass apk.


  • After successfully downloading FRP Bypass apk allow unknown sources in your settings menu then install it on your smartphone. As soon as you install it and sign in with any other account, start downloading all the apps. If you don’t understand this clearly a video link will be given below do check that for any other queries.

FRP Bypass On LG SmartPhones

These steps are especially for those who use LG devices, just follow this method and you will surely get the solution but please follow the steps carefully and clearly. The steps given below are very lengthy but be patient and follow then exactly.

  • The first thing you need to do is to start your device connect it to wifi and in the welcome menu, you will have two options language selection below that accessibility


  • Click on accessibility then vision button then click on talkback. Under talkback, you need to swipe L letter on your screen so that a screen popups.


  • In that double tap on talkback settings, These steps are for latest LG smartphones so be sure you have the latest smartphone


  • After talkback settings step you need to hold and press on volume up- down buttons simultaneously until you get another popup suspend talkback is seen when this suspend popup appears click ok.


  • After clicking ok scroll down to tap on help&feedback settings, then a search bar appears click on that type voice you will get on get started with voice screen tap on a youtube video you will be directed to youtube. In that click on account icon( present top right corner)


  • Then tap on Terms & Privacy, when you click that you will be on welcome to chrome screen and on that screen you will see accept & continue just tap on that, again it will ask for sign in options and again you need to skip that so that you will get on to the chrome browser.


  • next step us to search for google maps. Open google maps and click on voice command and say ok google once.


  • You will get a search bar again in that type setup wizard. open that and click exit, as soon as you click exit you device starts rebooting.


  • When the device restarts you will get the same options like the selection of language etc, follow all of them until it reaches to google account details menu and again it will ask for user details, you need to skip that again.


  • When you skip that step you will be directed to Google services. If this comes you need to scroll down click next to everything you will be on fresh account registration that asks you for a fresh name.


  • That’s it you can now add any other Google account you know and prevent from blocking of your device.

That’s it that was about how to bypass your google account on any android devices. It is a lengthy process but in the end, you will be happy. If the above steps haven’t understood then just follow the youtube video given below. In case if you still don’t understand the steps above then just have a look at this website 

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