Google Duo Apps download For Android (Latest Apk)

Google duo is the simplest video calling app released by Google I/O for both Android and iOS devices. This google duo app has some outstanding features like Knock Knock, video messages, block contacts etc. This app has a simple user interface so that you can make HD Quality videos calls with ease. Google duo apps download is available for Android, just click the button below to download the latest version of google duo app, Before downloading it know how it works, how to install etc below.

Google Duo Apps Download For Android

The latest version is available for free just click the below button to download it directly here itself. The app is completely free and very safe to download.

Google Duo Apk

App Name  Google Duo
Size  20.5MB 
Platforms  Android, iOS 
Android Min Req  Android 4.0(KitKat) or Above
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Google Duo apps download(google duo I mean) is undoubtedly the best application which can be used by anyone and communicate with your friends or families without any issues. This application User Interface is very neat you have video calling button at the center, Rotate camera(basically switching cameras from rear to front vice versa)  on the bottom left, below to that you have a mic button for muting or unmuting etc.

Whenever you click on the video it will list you the contacts which have google duo and also the ones who aren’t using. You can send an invite to them. The settings of this app consist of options like vibrate while ringing, below that knock knock option( full description is given in the features below), Below to that unregister your phone number, blocked numbers etc.


Google Duo Download Features

Alright, that was about the description of Google duo apps download but now there are very few features that are discussed below. 

Knock Knock 

This is the fantastic feature of google duo apk, so what it does is whenever you get a video call then you can see the caller’s video before you pick up to know what they are doing and this only works when the other person you are calling or he is calling must be in your contact list.

Instant Video Message 

Whenever you call your friends or family or anyone if they don’t pick up but you want that moment to be seen by them then you can share it by sending a video message.

Connect Faster 

You can communicate with your friends, family very faster by just one click. Additionally, the video calls are of HD quality with no issues.

How To Install Google Duo Apk 

The installation part is very simple just similar to other apps but there are some additional things you need to know. If you have an idea then go ahead otherwise please follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Initially, download the latest version of Google Duo apk from the link given above.
  2. Then allow unknown sources by going to settings >> security >> allow unknown sources.
  3. After that install the apk from downloads or from the notification bar.
  4. Open the App and agree to the privacy policy and contract etc and then allow permissions to access contacts, media etc.
  5. Then you need to verify your phone number by One Time Pass and then start video chatting with your friends.

Is google Duo Apk Safe

As the video calls you do are encrypted google can’t take your data or your data will not be shared to Google even if you grant permissions and yes it is completely safe to use.

Google Duo App Review 

The overall review of the Google duo is it is the most awesome, simplest application for video calling and you won’t find any other app other than this. There is a review video of google duo apk is given below in case if you have any queries. Overall Google has done an amazing job on this Google Duo App.



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