Tor Browser Apk Download For Android Latest Version

What Tor Browser?

Tor Browser is a different kind of browser compared to others like chrome, firefox, etc. It acts more like a VPN browser where your identity is unknown for everyone. The full form of tor browser is The Onion Router and the most important thing here is onion, As onion has several layers this tor browser also works in the same way(in layers) for example, if you open the tor browser and type in and at that time whatever the data packets travel they jump to 40 to 60 different IP addresses and locations and reaches to the site even facebook doesn’t know the request came from which IP address so in this way you can hide your identity as well as location or IP address. Tor browser apk download is available in the below-given button to install it and use it very carefully don’t download any additional extensions just use only the browser as you may never know who is spying on you.

Tor Browser Apk Download For Android 

Download the latest version of tor browser apk below

just click the below button…!

Tor Browser Apk

All the downloads on this website are safe and faster.

Note: Just Use the browser and don’t install any extensions.

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How To install tor browser 

Installing tor browser is very simple in Android SmartPhones, If you have already enabled permissions to install unknown apps before, Then the apk automatically installs on your device if not you need to enable permissions to install unknown apps. Follow the steps below carefully to know how to install third-party applications on Android SmartPhone.

  1. Download the latest version of tor browser apk and start installing, if the app installs directly then no issues if not follow the below steps.
  2. Next thing is to go to settings and in the search bar type in install unknown apps.
  3. Click on the option and enable permissions to install unknown apps.
  4. Then, install the apk from the notification bar or download menu and you won’t get blocked this time.
  5. Install it and enjoy using the app.

How To Use Tor Browser

Tor browser is similar to regular chrome browser or firefox so you can you, it is just similar to how you use chrome etc. The only difference between this browser and the remaining ones is that in browsers like chrome, firefox your identity is known such as IP address or location whereas in tor-browser your identity is unknown as it acts as a VPN but not a VPN. No one knows from where you are browsing.

Many assume it to be a VPN but it is not a VPN because in VPN a fixed IP address is known but in tor-browser exact IP address is also not visible your identity is completely unknown.


This tor browser apk is very useful to those who want to hide their identity and want complete encryption so that no other could see the exact location or IP address. This apk is awesome it has many downloads with positive feedback and reviews. Watch a simple video about tor browser to get a clear idea of it.


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