WhatsApp Download App Apk(Beta Version)

For those who haven’t known, WhatsApp download app apk is an incredible service that allows the users to do the voice calls and instant messaging for free. More and more people have turned to Download WhatsApp messenger because this app gives such perks that other services can’t offer. the users can send the instant messages, files, multimedia for free. The app works on all compatible smartphone models as well as PC. It works on Wi-Fi, 3G, as well as 4G. Probably these perks alone have set it apart from its competitor.

WhatsApp is a light and simple app that can be used in your smartphone without hassle. Unlike the other app, it is not demanding your storage stage. The installation file is as little as 6 MB. So, you could Download WhatsApp messenger and use it for your daily needs without burdening your smartphone resources.

Download WhatsApp Apk 


Download WhatsApp APK


Once installed, you will need to enter your mobile phone number for verification and identification. There is no need to undergo the complex registration or so. This procedure saves you from the hassle because the only credential you should provide is your active phone number. The app will then integrate your existing contact list and show the contacts who also use the WhatsApp. Yes, the app only allows you to send anything to WhatsApp users. So, it will be helpful if the other parties also use WhatsApp to get in contact with you. Whatsapp is available on every platform on iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia etc and the main thing of WhatsApp messenger or WhatsApp is you don’t require to pay any money or no amount will be deducted for using the services like for sending messages or sending an image as this app is completely free to use and available for absolutely free of cost but the basic source you net to have is an internet access must be there it can be of any speed 3G, 4G or anything and sometimes surprisingly I can be able to send messages even when I have a poor connection in KB’s 

The service allows the user to send unlimited SMS and MMS messages locally and internationally. So, if you are concerning about your phone bills, using WhatsApp can be a great idea. Of course, your friends will need to use WhatsApp to make communication work. WhatsApp is also great in free voice calls service.

Using your Wi-Fi opens the access to the services for free. However, you will need a data plan when you are on the go. As mentioned, it supports 3G and 4G networks. You could use either one of them. If you have the data plan, you can save more money on texting. So, what does WhatsApp Cost? Nothing. It is totally free! Back then, users needed to pay in the second year. But this policy is no longer anymore. 

Features OF WhatsApp APP APK Download 

  • Whatsapp enables you to chat with your friends or anyone and can send an unlimited number of messages as well as videos or images.
  • Location sharing is available which helps your friend to locate you by sharing your live location status moreover you can also send any other address like shop or mall etc.
  • Now on WhatsApp app apk download, you can delete the sent messages for them and you too, the moment you click delete to everyone no one can see the message.
  • Whatsapp is an easy sharing network as it can support any kind of file to share with your friends.
  • Payment option is also added in the recent update and now you can also send money to your sisters, friends etc.
  • The user interface of the WhatsApp app apk download is very user-friendly which can be easily understood by anyone.
  • Lastly, status has been added so that you can share your memories or stories on your WhatsApp status 

Well, there are some more additional features been added in the new WhatsApp update and those include blocking fake news or spammy websites yes now it will tell you to be safe from fake websites or spammy one.  The new feature comes up with the rights of the admin which is nothing but you can demote their rights. Now the users cannot be added back when they leave from the groups or left already. Lastly, the forwarded messages now whenever you forward any message 

WhatsApp has been evolving from year to year. Now, it is a solid app that will ensure your safe and fun experience. It is a high-privacy app. The messages are encrypted end-to-end. With such features, It is not exaggerating to say that it is the best free SMS app in the world. Download WhatsApp app apk for your phone now and attain the benefits.


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