Yo WhatsApp Apk Download(Latest Version)

Yo WhatsApp Apk 

The yo WhatsApp apk download is the mod version of the WhatsApp with some exclusive unique features also considered to be the best ones among the other mods available, The yo WhatsApp  is similar to the gbwhatsapp apk which was mentioned before but this apk is different from the gbwhatsapp and the other mods available in terms of user experience and features. Using this yowhatsapp you can actually save more space as you can directly use both the apps without the need for other alternatives like dual space or parallel space. Coming to the download the yo WhatsApp is unavailable on the google play store but you can download here itself for free by just clicking the below button

Download Yo WhatsApp Apk For Android 

Yo WhatsApp apk


Yo Whatsapp Advantages

WhatsApp is a billion-of-users app used by most smartphone users today as a daily communication platform. Yo WhatsApp apk download is a modified version of WhatsApp platform which allows you to have two similar application on a single device which also means two accounts without getting banned by Whatsapp server. Yo Whatsapp Here are fundamental advantages of Yo WhatsApp compared to the generic Whatsapp


Whatsapp UI

Using Yo Whatsapp is not like installing new chatting application since it has the same user interface like with the generic Whatsapp. You wouldn’t need to learn or adjust your finger to new UI. However, you might be surprised by the extra features offered by Yo Whatsapp.


Media Sharing

It’s not a secret that image or video sharing limit in the traditional Whatsapp could be boring and annoying. In Yo Whatsapp, you can share up to 10 images/pictures at a time through PM and group message. You can also send multiple videos in Yo Whatsapp instead of one. You can also download the image status in Yo Whatsapp. At this point, Yo WhatsApp also increases the user experience especially when you’re engaging in a group discussion or Private Message.



Yo WhatsApp provides more privacy options in calling and messaging features. For example, the blue ticks as message receipts only appeared as you’re sending a reply instead of as you’re reading the message. This way you can filter what message should be immediately replied or ignored without notifying the sender. Yo whatsapp apk download is also featured with in-app lock for a more secure access.



While you might consider it as a totally separate app to generic Whatsapp, you’ll probably right, but it doesn’t apply to its functionality. In fact, you can use YoWhatsapp parallel with traditional Whatsapp. Deleting message in generic Whatsapp is only applied for messages in the last minutes while Yo Whatsapp allows you to delete messages older than one year. Instead of merely sending limited media files, Yo Whatsapp allows you to send any types of files including compressed file, applications, documents, and so forth.


Yo Whatsapp Apk Download Features 

  • Change the message counter color in the chat 
  • Share more than 100 images at once
  • 7 new icons are available 
  • you can change the text color, ticks color, contact name etc
  • Hide/Show the blue ticks as well as the last seen or last online 
  • secure your app with an applock with pin or pattern or fingerprint
  • Send messages to everyone without the need of contact list
  • You can pin more than 1000 chats

However, it should be noted that Yo Whatsapp isn’t available in the Play Store. You can download the Yo Whatsapp apk and manually install it to your Android device from the above link and also make sure to check the WhatsApp plus apk. The security default might block this action. That’s why you need to change the security setting to allowing the device installing third-party software from “unknown source”. it would take less than a minute to complete, register your phone number, and Yo Whatsapp is ready to use. If you want to know more about this apk then follow the video link below 


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